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One of the many beauties of today’s backyard putting greens is the boundless opportunity for customization. The only real constraints are the space you’ve got to work with and your budget. Not surprisingly, prices on backyard putting greens vary widely. A good rule of thumb is $10 to $20 per square foot.

Why Artificial Turf?

-Durable & Long-Lasting
-Low-Maintenance [Saves Time & Money]
-Eliminates Mowers & Lawn Equipment
-Environmentally Friendly
-No Pesticides or Fertilizers Needed
-Aesthetics [Improves Curb/Yard Appeal]
-Safe & Clean

KG1 Installs does it right!

Proper installation is key to getting it right! Starting with a sound foundation with efficient drainage, along with an impermeable layer to combat weeds and other unwanted intrusions is a must!

Cutting corners is bound to cost you later. Not all synthetic turf is created equal. We use only the best products available to make sure we install something that will transform your weedy Texas backyard into an oasis. Your putting green not only needs to look real, but it also needs to play real, putts that zigzag or roll at an uneven pace ruin the whole experience! — Great putting greens also require less maintenance in the long run and won’t buckle, sink, or fray at the seams, or even worse, harden into a surface as slick and bald as plywood.

You Dream it we build it!

Need help dreaming? Let our "visionaries"  help you fill that blank canvas which you call your backyard so that you can finally enjoy being outside and staying active with your friends and family! Weather its just turf you need or a putting green with all the bells and whistles, we can deliver the endless possibilities.

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