Eat "Real Food"

"Real food" is that which grows and lives in the natural world, whether it be on a farm, in a forest, on a meadow, in an ocean, a river, or even in your own home garden. Authentic cuisine is whole and unadulterated (or minimally processed). As food-like goods have taken over the aisles of our supermarkets, we now have to distinguish between the real foods and them.

Asking yourself these three basic questions will help you choose the correct foods.

-Could you hunt or fish for this food?

Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Seafood, Eggs etc...
-Could you harvest or select this food from the wild?
Roots, Seeds, Stems, Nuts, Berries, Honey etc...
-Could this food be cultivated in a garden or on a farm naturally?
Fruits & Vegetables
(try your best to go organic)

It may take some practice at first, but your return on the investment is well worth it.

Protein Powder? Yes, Please!

Protein powders are the best option when you need a protein supplement that works with your weekly exercise routine. 

Choose a protein powder that is more powerful than regular whey protein by ensuring that it contains ultra-pure, quickly digesting whey protein isolate and hydrolysates that support muscle building and recovery. Additionally, you should search for a powder with increased strength and a positive anabolic response after exercise. Depending on your particular needs, you can use these supplements before or after cardio and exercises, or even on days when you don't train. You can even use them in between meals.

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