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Dan is an AMAZING coach. I just had my first session with him and I am hooked. We went over so many topics and I came out of the session as a brand new player. I look forward to working with him and evolving my game to the next level. YOU ROCK DAN!

Arpit D.

Dan, the instructor, made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. He was very easy to understand and made me feel at ease so I was able to focus on what I was trying to do instead of worrying about making mistakes. He also talked to me on my level so that I was able to understand what he wanted me to do. Best lesson in anything I’ve ever tried before.

Kelly H.

Absolutely great experience! Dan is extremely friendly and easy to work with. His attention to detail and confidence building around the greens is something I have really needed. I will be doing weekly lessons with him for the foreseeable future and I highly recommend supporting his business!

Nicholas T.

My boys really enjoyed their first golf lesson with Dan. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn the game.

Andy R.

My son had his first lesson with Dan today and he really enjoyed it. Dan does a great job of working with him on his level and explaining things in a way that is easy for him to understand.

Ryan C.

My 6 & 7 year olds had their first lesson with coach Dan yesterday. He is patient teacher, who quickly adapts his style for each students personality. The classes are laid back, he turned everything into a game, making it alot of FUN for the kids. I highly recommend KG1. We will be going back for many future lessons.

Laura K.

I am 51 and only messed with golf ones in my life; I had my first ever proper golf class yesterday with Dan and after my first class, I felt like a real golf player. Dan is patient, a good teacher and will bring out the golfer in you. I highly recommend this company.

Pst. Tope.

Dan is Golf Doctor who knows what , how to teach for frustrated beginner and I am very lucky to find him. Thank you very much!

Sue E.

Dan is an excellent instructor very patient with my Grandson . He’s knowledgeable in coaching valuable golfing skills.

Jeffrey J.

Really good with the kids. Helps them swing their swing. My daughter had a blast

Scott T.

Dan is a great instructor. He helped me with all areas of the game.

Susan H.

Coach Dan is patient and makes learning fun! My son loves going to lessons and has learned a lot of golf skills in a short amount of time.

Jennifer S.

Dan has done an incredible job teaching my nine-year-old the fundamentals of golf! He is a caring father who treats your kids like his own.

Robert R.

The staff does a great job working with the kids at a level that they can understand and enjoy the game. The small class sizes also helps them stay focused on learning the skills necessary to grow and develop as players.

Joshua J.

Dan is super positive and encouraging ensuring the practices stay fun and exciting. He loves the game and shared that passion with his students.

Philip T.

Coach Dan is a great instructor. He knows what each child needs to better their golf game all the while having fun. He pays attention to the little details that you won't get at group golf lesson.

John Y.

Dan is an excellent golf coach for junior golfers (my son is 7). He’s helped my son tremendously in his journey to begin his junior golf career for the past year. Dan is patient and expects kids to always try and do their best. Teaches the concept from green to tee first with a heavy focus on putting and chipping. Great coach to have.

Sonny B.

If you’re even considering lessons for your child or yourself, it’s really easy just do it. Coach Dans ability to connect and relate valuable lessons to my son is incredible. Trying to tech a 6 year old something so technical is no small feet. The love and desire my son has to learn golf is directly related to Coach Dan and his skills.

Tim P.

Great coaching. Dan is a world class athlete that has been genetically bread from a family of athletes. My daughter has learned so much in the initial coaching session. I truly believe that coach Dan will get my daughter to break 80 strokes on 18 holes and bag a scholarship in the future.

Rodrick B.

Highly recommend Dan for all ages and skill levels. Breaks down the game with simple queues that make immediate impact on your game. You can tell he's passionate about the game and cares more about helping you improve than pressuring you into purchasing more lessons than what you need. 10/10 would recommend

Jamison M.

Coach Dan is simply an excellent instructor. I was looking for a golf instructor for my 10 year old son. I reached out to Dan and we set up a visit. You can see his passion for teaching the game of golf. One of the most important aspects of golf instruction is communication with the student...and Coach Dan does an awesome job connecting/communicating with the kids. My son and I enjoyed the session and signed right up. Not too long after I signed my son up, I signed up myself! We highly recommend Coach Dan as your next golf instructor.

Edward F.

My 6 yr old son loves to golf. I am not a golfer by far. Coach Dan and his team has been working with my son to get the kinks out. My son loves taking lessons with KG1. He gets upset when it's not the day of his lesson. Coach Dan teaches the children at their level. I recommend KG1 for any child. Coach Dan has the patience and technique to teach any child golf. Most of all he makes golf fun! I am happy to say that my son has flourished thanks to KG1 and will be starting tournaments this summer!

Michelle N.

Coach Dan and his staff made an amazing impression on me and my daughter. Within the first 5 minutes she was on a new level and has only progressed from there. I'd highly recommend giving him a call.

Jason D.

I don't know where my son got the idea to play golf but Coach Dad has done a great job teaching my son the different aspects of the game. Coach Dan is very patient and takes his time to show the kids in his class how to stand and swing the clubs for each situation. It's amazing seeing my son get better at golf week over week.

Daniel O.

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