How We Train

Golf is not only fun, but it offers a great all-around body workout. The golf swing works muscles in the upper and lower body and all golfers should know the basic muscle groups that are used when playing golf. The more balanced the body, the more balanced the swing. 

When it comes to golf fitness, a few simple exercises done routinely can reduce your chances of injury and protect your joints from the pressure the golf swing exerts on them.

Our Focus

There are two kind of muscle: fast muscle and slow muscle also know as long muscle and short muscle. KG1 concentrates on the fast long muscle. It builds strength and power through speed and agility. We try to extend the body and our mind, stretching them both to make them relaxed and flexible
KG1 trains the entire body, from top of our head to the tips of our toes. We emphasis the innate harmonies of the body so that our natural pendulum releases as much power and gracefulness as possible. The swing is truly an art once achieved.


We work on the entire body, and extension is crucial to developing into an athletic golfer. You will benefit most from your workout when your body and mind are calm and completely expanded. This holds true in real life as well. Your entire life will be extended if you fully stretch both your body and intellect.

We Do Squats.... and a Lot of Them!

KG1 Records
Will R.-1000 squats*
Ryker P.-530 Sit-Ups*

Great job!
*within 60 min class

Why Golf Squats
Versatile leg training will result in the highest results in terms of athleticism and movement quality. Nowadays, individuals are way too anxious to add high weights to their squats, and while being able to lift heavy can be cool, it's bad for the legs. You largely ignore the lesser muscles in favor of the main muscular groups, which will keep the body from flowing smoothly through the swing.

Will R.
1000 Golf Squats 

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