The Setup

Without the proper setup you don't have a chance!

The single most important—and frequently overlooked—full-swing fundamental in golf is the setup position. Your swing evolves from your setup. If you focus on this vital pre-swing fundamental, you are more likely to improve your performance. We like to train with a "strong grip".

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Grip in fingers not palm
*Lead wrist turned over
*Lead elbow bone facing the target
*Elbows straight
*Shoulders rolled inward
*Hands slightly pushed forward to lead thigh

Rock The Boat

Let your swing naturally come alive!

This should be done EVERY time you practice or play a round of golf. 5 min of this will take your game up a notch with very little effort.
It will open up the hips and allow the lower back and hip-flexor to activate. Your body will naturally adapt to the timing and sequence of the swing bringing your golf game alive! 

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Allow elbows to drop when coming down
*Don't stop
*Relax the whole time and let your body do what it wants to
*Stretch at the top on both sides of the swing

Feet Together Full Swing

Its all about balance!

This will slowly build your balance for the full swing while forcing the use of the wrists. Turn the shoulders and the hips the to the bests of your abilities and let the wrists release while you come through.

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Feet together
*Elbows straight at set-up
*Relax and stay balanced
*Let the wrists hinge and release.
*Lead elbow straight as possible at impact

3/4 Smooth Swing (Pitching)

Just a little less power

Just take a little less than a full swing. Turn the shoulders and the hips about 3/4 of the way back and let the wrists release while you come through.

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Feet shoulder with apart
*Elbows straight at set-up
*Let the wrists hinge and release
*Hold your follow-through for 3 seconds

1/2 Swing

Just a little less power

Take the clubs back half way and have just a little wrist flex that will come naturally. Let the legs, hips and back do what they want. Hold your follow-through half way up the forward-swing

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Feet shoulder with apart
*Elbows straight at set-up
*Hold your follow-through for 3 seconds


Scoring is all about the short game. 

Take the clubs back a few feet and have absolutely no wrist flex. A little more stiffness in the knees for stability and drop the trailing elbow through and hold for 5 seconds. Keep the back loose and elbows remain straight throughout the whole swing.

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Feet much closer together
*Elbows straight 100% of the swing
*No wrist release!
*Hold your follow-through for 5 seconds

The Putting Stroke

Make sure you stroke "through" the ball, do not try to "hit" the ball.

Set up to hit a putt with your feet, legs, arms, and shoulders all square to your target line. This is the easiest way to align your putter face squarely. Your weight should be slightly on the lead foot, balanced, and your stance should be stable enough that you don't sway back or forth during your stroke. Make sure you let the shoulders relax and swing. The weight of the head should do most of the work and your trailing elbow is the "engine" of the swing.

Coach Dan's Tips:
*Get your feet balanced and stable
*Elbows relaxed and mostly straight 100%
*Use your shoulders, not the body when you stroke the ball
*Do not try to "hit" te ball, Stroke "through" the ball
*Keep head down and hold your follow-through for 2 seconds

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