Junior PGA Tour Caddie

9 Holes $150
(3 Hours)
18 Holes $250
(5 hours)

Transitioning a junior golfer onto the Junior Tour can be a very difficult task! We can help by going on that journey with the student until they are ready to go it alone or a parent is up to speed on all the dos and don'ts of the task at hand.

A caddies task is no easy thing, but KG1 can carry the load. During the round of golf we do the following:
Give advice and assistance with yardages, club selections and reading greens.
Help ALL juniors in the group play at a good pace and get around the golf course in a safe manner by:
Assisting with ball searches.
Helping players place their bags in the proper position on tee boxes and greens.
Encouraging ready golf.
Helping juniors know when it is their turn to play, etc.
Give guidance on relief options and drops. If a player has a situation where they do not know how to proceed, encourage them to use Rule 3-3 and find a Rules official after the round to clear up the situation.
Rake bunkers, replace divots and attend the flagstick. Repair old hole plugs and ball marks Clean the player’s golf ball within the Rules of Golf (Rule 21)
Use a push cart
Help explain issues/incidents on the golf course to PJT Staff

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