Golf Drills

Click below for your practice checklist and watch the videos for easy drills to do at home.

Warm Up

Three warm-up drills every golfer should do.

Feet Together Drill

Improve Balance in the Golf Swing


How to aim correctly in golf.

Short Distance Putting

Never miss a short putt again.

1/4 Swing Drill & Chipping

Building the perfect golf swing: 1/4 swing

Wrist Release During Impact

The release in your swing is responsible for generating clubhead speed. Too many people are just trying to hit the ball with the arms. The problem is, this tightens your wrists. The tighter your wrists the slower the club swings. You need a secure grip and loose wrists.


5 Simple pitching tips to hit it like a pro.

Sand Shots

3 Bunker Shots You NEED To Know

1/2 Swing Drill

A detailed look at how to practice and improve using a half swing.

Hitting Irons

How to STOP hitting bad iron shots - 3 really simple tips

Hitting Hybrids

How to hit a hybrid golf club.

Hitting Fairway Woods

How to hit your fairway woods consistently.

Driver Basics

Driver Basics For Longer Straighter Golf Shots

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